Free Estimate. Our team will give you options for your tire needs. This allows you to see the different costs and types of tires so you are able to make the best decision for your tire solution.
Tire Rotation and Balance. We will make sure that your tires are properly balanced, to create an even wear pattern, helping you extend the life of the tire. Our tire balancer is often inspected and calibrated with the purpose of keeping this promise to our customers.
Custom Wheel Orders. Although we do keep stock in popular wheel choices, our staff also has the ability to do a custom order for wheels of your choice. Stop in and talk to our team directly to see how we can assist you in your wheel purchase.
Tire Repair. Our experts are able to diagnose your tire problems and offer solutions for repair. Your tire will be repaired properly as to ensure your safety, which is most important to our company.
Warranty. Our used tires come with a 30 day guarantee, for any repairs necessary as long as the tire is not run flat.
All new tires come with a workmanship and material guarantee for the life of the tread.
Customers must present receipts for the warranty at the time requesting service. 
“I am a college student, so as you can imagine I don’t have extra money to throw around, and the last place I want to spend what I have is on my tires. I heard about this tire shop at school one day so I tried it out. They were friendly, quick, and cheap. I will be going there from now on for anything to do with my tires.”
R. Thiem
Howell, MI